Help Kids To Find Their Toys

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Anton Wysocki

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Help kids to find their toys


Very fun digital game! Kids open boxes with toys. Can you help them to find their favorite ones? Challenge yourself with these optical brainteasers!


Make your remote classroom meetings more fun and engaging! With this exciting game of finding hidden objects, both you and your students will have a blast while staying connected. It's an easy, interactive way to break the ice and add some energy to your virtual classroom. Get ready to search for hidden objects and bring delight to your students with this creative activity - try it today!


This resource includes 1 digital file for your classroom activities. You can also show this game to your students during a Skype or Zoom call!


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Another ways to use the product:

  • Small group intervention

  • Independent Work

  • Homework practice

  • Reading centers or Literacy stations

  • Morning Work


By purchasing this product, you are entitled to one license of this product for a classroom set.



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