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Cruzita Cadenas

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yes Make learning time more interactive and fun with this activity! 

Do you have students who experience difficulty in the classroom? Often, this may be due to problems with visual information processing, which can lead to issues with reading, spelling, handwriting, math, and comprehension. To assist your students strengthen their literacy skills, try out these entertaining find-different-picture activities that stimulate visual perception. Visual perception is an essential ability for children allowing them to understand what they observe on a daily basis. Give their brains the practice they need by incorporating these activities into their studies!


Find Different Picture is the perfect way to get kids engaged, thinking, and having fun. Look at each line and identify one image that is different from the others. Your students will be able to work on their observation and critical thinking skills while having a blast! Using this activity, you will be able to engage students in a competitive and rewarding race to find the different picture as fast as possible. Perfect for warm-ups, small group activities, brain breaks, and early Finish activities. This game is sure to make your classroom dynamics more exciting! Get ready to have some fun!


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