Learn Colors with Animals!

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Cruzita Cadenas

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yes  Make learning time more interactive and fun with this activity! 

Do you have students who experience difficulty in the classroom? Often, this may be due to problems with visual information processing, which can lead to issues with reading, spelling, handwriting, math, and comprehension. To assist your students strengthen their literacy skills, try out this entertaining flip cards activity that stimulate visual perception. Visual perception is an essential ability for children allowing them to understand what they observe on a daily basis. Give their brains the practice they need by incorporating these activities into their studies!

This is a great ice breaker and getting to know your students first week of school activity. Also, can be played as a five minute filler, reward, or just for fun on your Friday meetings. The game is great for learning both for the classroom as well as for online learning using Zoom calls, Skype, etc.


It is a fun and engaging game to get students to think creatively! So many ways to play the game!


wink You can:

  • emphasize learning colors for the youngest students.

  • learn the spelling of colors for slightly older children

  • build students' vocabulary by repeating each item pictured

  • you can even ask them to make short sentences or tops from what they see in the picture.


The limits are only in your imagination!


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