'Animals and suitable objects' - Matching Game (Digital and print ver.)

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Erica Vivian

This product is electronically distributed.

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 Match animals and suitable objects in this digital game! 

In this rather simple game children have to understand what kind of animal is depicted in the picture and match it with one of the 4 matching objects. Through this game, the child learns to think and analyze what they see and the bright and cute images will make lessons enjoyable and fun. The advantage of this product is that you can play the digital game as well as print it out and give it to your child to work on!


 You will get: 

  1. PDF Manual file with access to digital version

  2. PDF File to print and go for your classroom activities


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Game Type:
  • Matching Game
  • Printable
Level (ESL):
  • Beginner (pre-A1)
  • Elementary (A1)
  • Foreign Language
  • English Language