Verb Tenses - Present Simple (+Key)

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Anita C.

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Let's make learning English verbs easy and fun!


Perfect resource to introduce and develop your beginner-level learners' understanding of present tense verbs. Using this practice, your students will be able to easily refer back to this comprehensive reference guide. Make English grammar a breeze with this activity!


How to Use: 

These puzzles can be printed and handed out to students in the class. You can also send the worksheets electronically and have your students fill them in with a PDF editing program.


This resource includes:

  • The simple present


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These worksheets targets simple present tense verbs. Resource includes supporting illustrations and answer key.

Game Type:
  • Printable
Level (ESL):
  • Elementary (A1)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Pre-intermediate (A2)
  • Foreign Language
  • English Language