30 Coloring Pages for Christmas

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Ryan Tingey

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Unleash your little one's creativity and imagination with Coloring Pages!

Our kids, as well as us, are big fans of coloring! This straightforward yet enjoyable exercise is inexpensive, soothing and can help to bring out their imagination while benefiting their physical, mental and learning growth. If you haven't included coloring in your child's daily activities, we strongly suggest you do so.

This coloring book and coordinating writing papers are designed to engage and inspire your child in an exciting way. With 30 unique pages, it's the perfect way to give your child the tools they need to express themselves creatively, while honing their writing skills. Join the thousands of parents who have seen the difference that Coloring Pages can make - order yours today!


What you will get:

30 Coloring pages for your little ones


Other activities:

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Game Type:
  • Printable
Level (ESL):
  • All levels
  • Holidays