Halloween Activity Bundle

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Want to entertain your audience on Halloween? These game is what you are looking for! 

Halloween is a holiday that no doubt needs to be prepared in advance. But this young witch was not so lucky. The spiders she needed so badly for the potion fled. Help the witch find ten spiders and get ready for Halloween. This fun Halloween-themed game will help students develop attentiveness and have a good time. To win you need to find and click on all the spiders on the picture (there are 10).

This game can be played with students in class or via Zoom.


Includes 5 games:

  1. "Find 10 spiders" - Hidden Objects Game. Can you find all ten spiders hidden in the witch's house?

  2. "Do You Know These Halloween Words?". This treasure hunting game is full of Halloween riddles! Your students will be able to learn new words and improve their vocabulary.

  3. "Spooky Halloween Traditions" - Fortune Cookies Quiz. Learn more about Halloween traditions with your students and improve their reading skills!

  4. "Halloween Traditions" - Memory Game. This memory game is easy and fun to play. Learn more about Halloween traditions by finding the right pair.

  5. "Halloween Quiz" - Trivia Quiz. Just take this quick fun quiz and see if you're ready for Halloween


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Happy Teaching! 


Game Type:
  • Hidden Objects
  • Memory Game
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Trivia Quiz
Level (ESL):
  • Beginner (pre-A1)
  • Elementary (A1)
  • Intermediate (B1)
  • Pre-intermediate (A2)
  • Upper-intermediate (B2)
  • Foreign Language
  • Holidays
  • English Language

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